About Us

The Skyview High School Band and Dance program is comprised of the Marching Band, Winter Guard, Winter Percussion, Jazz Band and three Concert Bands (Concert, Symphonic, and Wind Ensemble).


Band Director (Tim Heichelheim): Timothy.heichelheim@vansd.org

Dance Director (Riley Elam): rileyhunterelam@gmail.com

Percussion Director (Josiah Nelson): josiahmdnelson@gmail.com

Marching Band Program Coordinator: ebenheldreth@gmail.com

SVBD President (Kira Olson): olsonkiral@gmail.com


Mailing Address: 

PMB 314

800 NE Tenney Rd #110,

Vancouver, WA 98685

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Skyview Band and Dance fees are collected at the beginning of each season of the activity: Marching Band (Summer), Concert Ensembles (Fall), Winter Guard (Winter), and Winter Percussion (Winter). 

NOTE: The Skyview Band and Dance Booster Club does not collect, nor facilitate payment of, the Vancouver School District and Skyview High School Activity Fee. The District Activity Fee can be paid online or in person at the Skyview High School Business Office. 


Payment Options:

1. The most popular method is to put cash or a check (made out to “Skyview Band and Dance”) in an envelope and deposit it in the Black Drop Box in the band room. The Black Box is locked and accessible only by the Parent President and Treasurer.

2. You can mail your payment to:

Skyview Band and Dance

PMB 314

800 NE Tenney Rd. #110

Vancouver, WA 98685

3. You can pay electronically via PayPal. Please note that there is a service charge collected by PayPal for using this service; you will need to factor this into the amount you submit. A good rule of thumb is add $3 to every $100 payment you submit. Please make sure the student's name and ensemble are in the description.


$50 fairshare payment

+ $1.5 service charge

= $51.50 online payment

$100 fairshare payment

+ $3 service charge

= $103 online payment

$200 fairshare payment

+ $6 service charge

= $206 online payment


$250 fairshare payment

+ $7.50 service charge

= $257.50 online payment

$500 fairshare payment

+ $15 service charge

= $515 online payment

$550 fairshare payment

+ $16.50 service charge

= $566.50 online payment

4. You can also bring your payment to any of our monthly parent meetings and give it directly to one of the SVBD Treasurers.

Payment Methods

In Person

Skyview High School

Band Room Drop Box

1300 NW 139th St,

Vancouver, WA 98685


Make a payment online through Paypal. Please make sure student's name and ensemble are in the description before processing payment. 


Skyview Band and Dance

PMB 314

800 NE Tenney Rd. #110

Vancouver, WA 98685