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Fall Drumline and Front Ensemble

The drumline and front ensemble provide the heartbeat and rhythmic flair of the Skyview Marching Band. We pride ourselves on being the only competitive marching band in the Vancouver School District. The percussion section is essential to creating that unique and powerful sound. You will learn the skills and techniques needed to become a strong percussionist, but also how creating music as part of an ensemble is a great way to make friends and grow as a musician. Come be a part of this unique experience!

Winter Percussion

Skyview Winter Percussion is a performing arts team comprised of 20+ musicians who specialize in the percussive arts. We perform a wide variety of musical genres and styles, ranging from classical, jazz, hip-hop and world music. We participate in the Northwest Association of Performing Arts circuit from early February to early April and compete in the NWAPA Championships. We provide our members with a musically enriching experience that goes beyond just learning how to drum; we give our students a strong sense of responsibility, organization, and reverence for the performing arts that will fuel their creativity for years.

Winter Percussion Registration includes Online Registration through Final Forms including a Physical Exam and fee. This is required for all Skyview Athletics and Activities.

Detailed information for Winter Percussion events from December through April. 

The basic information on instructors, attendance, competitions, fees, volunteering, and more is included is this document.

Register Here 

Below is the winter percussion and winter guard required registration form for our boosters program.  You will receive communications with updates through our Charms communications (and more!) system. 

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