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The Skyview Band and Dance Program includes over 150 high school students. We are part of the Vancouver Public School, a school district of 20,000 students in West Vancouver, Washington (just north of Portland). There are many kinds of ensembles that make up the SVBD program including: marching, concert, jazz, dance, and percussion. Throughout the year, we host many performances and students attend several festivals and competitions. 

Skyview Band and Dance offers exciting and equitable musical and artistic opportunities to students, parents, and the community in Northwest Vancouver to learn and thrive through the performance. We work to build positive school and community wide relationships and bring people together with the power of Art.

"We are passionate. We are accountable. We are united. We are Skyview!"

The Band and Dance program at Skyview strives to enrich and improve the lives of students through various artistic experiences. High standards are set for each student both academically and in performance. While the program competes at several festivals and competitions with a wide variety of ensembles, the focus is to grow both as people and artistic performers. It is our mission that each student receives a rewarding, enriching, and aesthetic experience through band and dance. SVBD is about "banding" people together to work toward a common goal. The highest level of excellence is attained through this attitude and it is this attitude that is the basis of our program. 

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