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Grand Floral Parade Info

Grand Floral Parade, Saturday, June 11

· 8:15am Arrive at Hudson's Bay in uniform. Have your hair already up to fit under headwear. Please do not wear makeup or jewelry. Please have been hydrating yourself for at least 24 hours before arriving—lt is supposed to be warm. Leave cases in the band room/black box theatre at HBHS. Double check that you have your mouthpiece, spare reeds, etc.

· 9:00am Block the band for bus loading purposes. You will be in this position in the block all evening, so get to know your new friends.

· Following directions from Teachers and Drum Majors, load the bus from the front of the band to the back. Sit only on the bus to which you are directed. Do not "change busses" to sit with friends. The busses are full to the rafters, so leave no empty seats except the front two for chaperones.

· 9:15am Leave HBHS for Downtown Portland.

· 10:05am Arrive at the staging area. The busses will be held until just before this time, so be patient. Once we arrive at the staging area, we are not allowed to make any instrumental sounds until our warm-up time. Do not allow anyone around you to play their instrument in this space. We will be standing here for about an hour, and you will need to have a lot of patience and self-discipline.

· 10:15ish We will be allowed to warm up in the designated warm-up area. The band and the drumline will warm-up separately. All warm-ups must happen at a pianissimo dynamic, as directed by the parade marshal.

· 11:09am-ish Parade step-off at Memorial Coliseum. A map of the complete parade route and information about the parade can be found at

· I have been informed by several Rose Festival folks that the new parade takes about an hour.

· 12:15ish Band arrives at Lloyd Center disband site and loads the busses for return to HBHS. To save time. please sit only on the bus you arrived on.

· 12:45ish Band arrives at HBHS and puts away parade gear

· 12:55ish Band is picked up by parents and leaves. We can't leave until after everyone is picked up. Please be considerate of our time. Thank you.

Additional Info:

· Bands may not play or march in the warm-up area. Please discourage your peers from doing this. We are all responsible for making sure it doesn't happen.

· Please be in uniform from the minute you get off the bus downtown until the minute you get back on it. Being out of uniform lacks pride.

· Factoid: according to the Rose Festival, the Grand Floral Parade is seen by 250,000 people live, and 5 million people on TV. That is a lot of people.

· If you noticed problems with your uniform fit (length of pants, etc.) it is important that you let us know as soon as possible, and certainly before we get downtown.

· Factoid: We are band number 9, but our parade number finds us in the middle of the parade.

· It takes at least six hours for water to get into your system. Start drinking water now, so as to be ready for the heat. Soda and tea are diuretics and should be avoided as they remove water from your body.

· Only travel on the bus to which you have assigned. Not doing so will add time to the bus trips and make you extremely unpopular with the rest of the band as we try and find you.

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